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Northern Arizona Weddings & Events is a wedding and event planning service that combines immaculate style with a precise understanding of how individual elements come together to create a successful event. We pride ourselves on our experience and ingenuity, not the typical or routine. We encourage personalized concepts and keep our imaginations open to thoughtful detail. We offer wedding and event-planning services throughout Northern Arizona.

Yvonne Chavez, owner of Northern Arizona Wedding Planner

Owner and Lead Planner, Yvonne Chavez, has built an excellent reputation with her creative ideas, eye for design and impeccable attention to detail. Her enthusiastic personality, combined with a genuine commitment to making every event flawless, has made her a sought-after wedding, and event planner. Yvonne Chavez has been helping couples since 2003 in locating their ideal Northern Arizona wedding venue and their ideal vendors. During the past 25 years she has been working out of Flagstaff, Arizona.

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